PurePro Water Corporation is a premier manufacturer and exporter of residential and commercial water filtration systems made in USA, that include reverse osmosis, softeners, membranes, housings and many other water treatment products.


With over 1,000,000 systems already in business nationwide, PurePro gives what it takes to be a success in the water treatment industry in Lebanon. Our complete product line of reverse osmosis systems are of high-quality with unique features and a fresh design.


At PurePro Water Lebanon, our mission is to provide the highest quality of service and products in the water treatment industry. Therefore, through our commitment, our customers can be assured that their future filter requirements will be met with state-of-the-art solutions.

In Lebanon, most households lack access to clean water. The safe water issue is intimately linked to hygiene education and proper sanitation, which is why we take an integrated approach to bringing safe water.

3.575 million people die each year from water-related disease.
98% of water-related deaths occur in the developing world.
884 million people, lack access to safe water supplies, approximately one in eight people.
Children in poor environments often carry 1,000 parasitic worms in their bodies at any time.

Drinking and domestic water in Lebanon is usually of low standards, and therefore can cause severe health problems, even by mere contact while washing fruits and vegetables or brushing teeth. Examine your drinking water, it should appear clear and bright. If it is cloudy or has unwanted taste or smell, contact your water company and have your water tested.

Showering in clean water is essential to soft and smooth skin and hair.


We offer a variety of water filtration systems:

  • For drinking water
  • For clean soft domestic use
  • Anti-salt
  • Anti-scale
  • For pools, Jacuzzis, bath tubs, water features, fountains, and aquariums
  • For industries that require a perfect quality controllable clean water, like food industries, skin products and cosmetics 
Best Price Guarantee !!

Our prices for RO drinking water filters are amongst the best you will find, offering savings of up to 50% off than the other manufacturers in the USA. We offer very attractive programs and pricing on systems and parts to our authorized distributors and clients.